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Due to the recent hail and wind storms, many roofers are cruising the town offering to perform a “Free Roof Inspection”.

Before allowing them to look at your roof, ask to see their “Town of Reidville Business License”. Not a Spartanburg County Business License, but a Reidville Town Business License.

Please do not allow contractors to work on your property unless they have a valid “Town of Reidville Business License”. They MUST have one to work within the Town’s Limits, no Exceptions!

If in doubt, contact the Town Office, the Codes Enforcement Officer.

For a listing of Licensed Businesses located in the Town of Reidville see   "Local Businesses".

To verify that a roofing business located outside of Reidville is licensed to conduct business within Reidville Town Limits, contact the town office.

It is over, but it was a big hit!

Go to the "Reidville Days 2014" page for Photos.

Check back often for additional detailed information on times, events planned, locations, and venders (community interest, craft, and food).

If you wish to volunteer, be a participant, or have a booth, contact the town office for information, forms, and pricing.

Please check back often for updates and a schedule of events and activities.

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