The Reidville Historical Society

   Today, the Society numbers around 50 members, all devoted to the original purpose of preserving and being the chief caretaker of the history of Reidville.  

    The Society owns and maintains the two historic houses, preserving their historical significance to the community.  

     The Society maintains a Historical Museum in the Faculty House, collecting, preserving, and presenting documents, maps, books, photographs, ledgers, and other materials documenting the history of Reidville.  

     The Society is actively involved in the education of the community’s children, including conducting tours of the two Historic Houses and participating in including Reidville’s history into the school curriculum. 

     The Society helps the community connect to the past by collecting, preserving, and sharing Reidville’s history. 

     The Society offers opportunities for thought-provoking entertainment, learning, sharing thoughts and ideas, and fun.  

     Please visit us on Facebook.

To learn more about the Reidville Historical Society, view the attached PDF document.  Reidville Historical Society's History

     New members are always welcome.